Day 4 – Asparagus, Shandong Style (posted belatedly, because it was late and I was tired).

Asparagus, Shandong Style

Looking for a quick and easy late supper to take the winter chill off, I pulled out a bunch of asparagus and this recipe for Asparagus, Shandong Style from Serious Eats.


Unusually I didn’t change anything about this recipe – I actually already had all the things I needed!


This dish turned out really tasty, the asparagus was spicy and sesame-scented. What I didn’t notice when I picked the recipe was that the final dish would be served cold. The chilli was still great at fighting off the cold, but I would have preferred something hot.

This was a fairly small supper, as I had had a big lunch. If I was hungrier, I would have topped the bowl with a poached egg.