Day 16 – Indian Spiced Mixed Nuts


I’ve been meaning to make homemade spiced nuts for a while now. Nuts (in small quantities) are a great snack for vegetarians and low carbers alike, but the flavoured versions available in the shops are usually full of sugar.

I based my recipe on this one, for Garam Masala Nuts, but altered the spice blend – I like garam masala, but using too much of it makes everything taste the same! I used

1c mixed nuts (a mixture of the remnants of a bag of mixed nuts, topped up with extra raw almonds).

1 Tbs spices – a roughly equal mix of ground cumin, coriander, smoked paprika and chilli

1 tsp stevia

I roasted the nuts according to the recipe, but my oven must be more powerful than the original poster’s – I looked up from the computer to see a haze of smoke drifting over the living room. Fortunately the nuts were only a little charred and still very tasty, in fact they had picked up a slight, smoky flavour that went really well with the spice mix.

This is another recipe I’m kicking myself for not trying sooner, I’ll be bringing this out again whenever I need snacks for a festival or the movies, experimenting with different spice blends as I go.