Day 21 – Cheese and Almond Crackers


A very belated Day 21 recipe, this time for crackers made using cheddar cheese and almond meal, from this recipe.

The crackers cooked quickly and several of the edge pieces were thinner and burned, but this still made a large batch of crackers, perfect for having with cheese, dips or other toppings. The crackers were cheesy but not overpowering, with a proper crunch.

I think the most exciting thing about this recipe is the potential for modifications – adding spices such as cayenne or paprika, substituting stronger cheeses such as parmesan for part of the cheddar or replacing part of the almond meal with flaxseed or sesame seeds would all be great options.

I’m also keen to try moulding the dough into mini-muffin pans to make savoury tartlet cases for canapés. A filling of olive tapenade and goats cheese or cherry tomato quarters with basil pesto would be great with these. Perhaps the dough might even be sturdy enough to use as a crust for a pie or quiche!