Day 24 – Raspberry Souffle with Melted Dark Chocolate Centres


This is one of the few recipes that I’ve made exactly as per the recipe, with no substitutions. That’s because it’s Souffle and Souffle is scary.


That said, the directions seemed straightforward, so I thought I’d give it a go when Dave and I popped over to visit family on the weekend. I brought the ingredients and equipment with me and set to work!

IMG_1944 IMG_1946

Though I’ve said above that I followed the recipe to the letter, I did actually make one small alteration. I had neither the time nor the patience to strain out the raspberry seeds, and I like my food with some texture, so I left them in and crossed my fingers….

What an amazing result! The chocolate centre was molten and gooey, the Souffles rose and stayed risen and tasted of fresh raspberries. Once again, this is a recipe that opens the door for all sorts of variations – chocolate, other berry varieties/combinations, perhaps even a savoury soufflé!