Day 27 – Eggs Poached in Inari Skins


Or “The Time I Fed Dave String”.

Today’s recipe contains a bit of a cautionary tale – don’t assume that everybody eating a meal knows that string was used in the preparation of that meal, especially if they were in another room while the cooking was going on.

I followed this recipe for “Eggs in Treasure Bags”, looking for a warm but light lunch, but when it came time to tie the bags, I really struggled. Even with a friend holding the bags so I could use both hands, the bags were too full (perhaps the standard egg size in Japan is smaller than in Australia?) and the inari skins and green onion were too slippery, so I had to pour away most of the white from each egg and substitute string for the green onion to tie the bags closed.

The eggs and broth were good – I think the eggs were intended to be served alone in the original recipe, but why waste a good broth – but when I popped in to Dave’s office later to see if he’d liked them, he commented “There were some weirdly chewy bits”.


I forgot to tell him about the string.