Old Fav: Smoked salmon with cheesy spring onion scrambled eggs


I find some scrambled eggs a bit dull but add some cheese and spring onion and serve with smoked salmon – well you have a real treat on your hands.  I wish I’d had some avocados to serve with it too.

Ingredients for 2-4 people

  • 6 eggs
  • 100g grated cheese
  • A bunch of chopped spring onions (all parts)
  • 1 tbs cream (normally I use 2 table spoons of milk)
  • Salt & pepper to taste

How to:

Most people would probably be satisfied with 1-2 spring onions, that’s what I’d do if I had guests, but I really like them so I add the whole bunch.  Sometimes I add more cheese as well.  I love cheese.

Cook up the spring onion in the frying pan in butter until fully cooked.  Whilst it’s cooking, mix everything else into a bowl.

I don’t whisk the ingredients hard as I read that some people do, instead I mix very carefully to try to keep the yolks whole.  I must have read this somewhere and to be honest I’ve not tried it any other way so I don’t know if it would have a benefit.

  • Plate up the salmon (and anything else you may want to serve it with) now ready for when the eggs are ready or you might miss the magic window for really moist scrambled eggs; the eggs are the last bit you add.

Once the spring onions are done, pour the mix evenly over them and mix together.  Keep on low heat, if you don’t the cheese won’t get time to melt.  Keep stirring carefully around the whole pan with a wooden spoon or you’ll end up with an unevenly cooked dish.  The yolks will break up and that’s fine, you don’t want them whole but it’s gorgeous when they mix all over at the end.

There’s a fine window, I’d say about 10-15 seconds, when the eggs go from runny to, what I consider is the start of being too dry.  Again, low heat is the key.  I keep a close eye on the mix for that moment when you can see that there’s no egg left uncooked.  It should be shiny when served as it keeps cooking when out of the pan.


This would easily serve 4 with some avocado, mushrooms and toasted sourdough bread.